They Feared The End


Sometimes it feels like Jude Pennerian, MD, is drowning in both his professional and personal life. As the medical director of the Memphis Fire Department and chairman at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine, he spends every day fighting against the corruption ingrained in Tennessee’s political institutions. Jude fervently wants to help Memphis’s poorer citizens find inexpensive healthcare, but all his coworkers care about is the bottom line. Jude begins to suspect that their apathy has turned into something much more dangerous for the future of the city.

At the same time, Jude must contend with his vengeful and bitter ex-wife. Vanessa is unstable but still insists on dragging out a long and painful custody battle. Jude believes that his two children are just pawns in a larger scheme by Vanessa and her lawyers to punish him.

Severely complicating matters are rumors of a serial killer on the streets of Memphis. Jude notices something strange about the first responders in the city and begins to suspect that one of them might be harming patients instead of helping them. As Jude struggles against the many enemies in his life, he discovers the seedy underbelly of the city he loves.


An interesting mystery full of complex characters that keeps the reader guessing all the way to the end. The book highlights many Memphis landmarks and institutions making it an extra special read for mid-southerners.
— Kelly Daniele
A nail biting thriller carefully woven into layers of complexity and precision. The author allows the reader to experience Jude intimately, examining his humanity, frailties and heroism.
This novel also reminds us all that at times, we are all venerable in our lives; and fate may play a bigger role than expected. Leaves the reader wanting more...
— Lee K.

They Feared The End

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