They Feared The End
Kevin S. Merigian

In this Memphis-based mystery, one doctor holds the key to stopping a prolific serial killer. As the medical director for the Memphis Fire Department, Jude Pennerian has access to files on any emergency in the city. He begins to notice a troubling pattern that hits much too close to home for Jude’s comfort.

However, before Jude can track down the murderer, he must survive both his professional and personal lives.

Jude’s dedication to his job at the expense of the business aspect of medicine has made him a surprising enemy in his circle of coworkers. At the same time, Jude’s unhinged ex-wife has begun a venomous campaign to obtain full-time custody of the couple’s two children. The only person Jude can confide in is his therapist, Dina, but he will soon discover that she may be hiding the most dangerous secret of all…


An interesting mystery full of complex characters that keeps the reader guessing all the way to the end. The book highlights many Memphis landmarks and institutions making it an extra special read for mid-southerners.
— Kelly Daniele
A nail biting thriller carefully woven into layers of complexity and precision. The author allows the reader to experience Jude intimately, examining his humanity, frailties and heroism. This novel also reminds us all that at times, we are all venerable in our lives; and fate may play a bigger role than expected. Leaves the reader wanting more...
— Lee K.
Kevin S. Merigian

Kevin S. Merigian